热泵烘干机 Heat Pump Drier

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一、工作原理与适用范围 Working principle and scope of application



    Heat pump drier utilizes the reverse Carnot's principle to absorb the heat of air and transfer it to the room to realize the temperature increase of the drying room and cooperate with corresponding equipment to realize drying of materials. The heat pump drier recycles the sensible heat and potential heat contained in the wet and hot air exhausted by the drying room while operating, the energy that shall be input is the power consumption of heat pump compressor only, and the compressor has the advantage that a lot of heat can be gathered and transferred by consuming a small amount of power, therefore, heating efficiency of heat pump drying unit is much larger than that of other drying equipment and it can realize the effects of energy conservation and emission reduction.

     Heat pump drying unit is mainly suitable for dehydration and drying of agricultural and sideline products, such as tremella, melon seeds, peanuts, fruits and vegetables, meat products, casing, tobacco, mushrooms, medlar, grain, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, marine products, traditional Chinese medicinal materials. It is also widely used in chemical aspect, for example, drying of paper products, wood, sludge, gypsum, clay, coal slime, etc. In the industrial hot water aspect, it can also meet meet the requirements of constant temperature of electroplate liquid of electroplate factory, heating and heat preservation of high-temperaturehot-water of slaughter house, supply of star hotel high temperature hot water and high-temperature hot water of industrial enterprises, and drying of bedding article.


1. 高效节能。热泵干燥装置SMER(消耗单位能量所除去湿物料中的水分量)通常为1.0~4.0kg/kWh,而传统对流干燥器的SMER值约为0.2~0.6kg/Kwh。

2. 可实现低温空气封闭循环干燥,物料干燥质量好。通过控制装置的工况,使干燥室的热干空气的温度在20~80℃之间,可满足大多数热敏物料的高质量干燥要求;干燥介质的封闭循环,可避免与外界气体交换所可能对物料带来的杂质污染,这对食品、药品或生物制品尤其重要。此外,当物料对空气中的氧气敏感(易氧化或燃烧爆炸)时,还可采用惰性介质代替空气作为干燥介质,实现无氧干燥。

3. 环境友好。热泵干燥装置中干燥介质在其中封闭循环,没有物料粉尘、挥发性物质及异味随干燥废气向环境排放而带来的污染;干燥室排气中的余热直接被热泵回收来加热冷干空气,没有机组对环境的热污染。

4. 与其它低温(进干燥室空气温度<40℃)干燥装置(如微波干燥、真空干燥、冷冻干燥)相比,由于设备初投资小,运行费用低,热泵烘干机装置具有明显的经济性。热泵干燥装置的设备成本主要是热泵部分和干燥室部分,其中干燥室部分与普通对流干燥室要求相同,无特别的气密性和承压性要求。

  1. Efficient and energy-saving. Heat pump drying unit’s SMER (Specific Moisture Extraction Rate ) is generally 1.0~4.0kg/kWh and SMER value of traditional convection drier is about 0.2~0.6kg/Kwh.

  2.  It can realize low-temperature air closed cycle drying and has good material drying quality. Through controlling the working condition of unit, the temperature of hot and dry air in the drying room is at 2080℃. It can meet the high quality drying requirements of most of the heat sensitive materials; closed cycle of drying medium can prevent the impurity contamination possibly brought by exchange with external gas to the materials, which is very important for food, drugs or biological products. In addition, when the materials are sensitive to the oxygen in the air (easy for oxidation or burning e xplosion, the inert medium can be used as a drying medium instead of air to realize anaerobic drying.

  3.  It is environment-friendly. The drying medium conducts a closed cycle in the hot pump drying unit without contamination of material dust, volatile substance and peculiar smell brought by discharge of drying waste gas to the environment; the afterheat in the exhaust gas of drying room is directly recycled by heat pump to heat the cool and dry air without thermal pollution of unit to environment.

  4.  Compared with other low-temperature (inlet air temperature of drying room<40℃) drying units (such as microwave drying, vacuum drying and freeze drying), heat pump drying unit has obvious economical efficiency due to small initial investment of equipment and low operation cost. The heat pump drying unit is mainly composed of heat pump and drying room, of which the drying room has the same requirements with convection drying room, without special air tightness and pressure-bearing requirements.


Technical parameters (the values in the table below are for reference in type selection only)


四、工艺流程图Process flow diagram







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